All Things Tea

All Things Tea owners George and Susie LOVE TEA. It's not just something to sip, it's a way of life. Since their inception in 2006, All Things Tea has earned its place in tea lovers' hearts with their ongoing commitment to top quality product, service, and community. Whether visiting the flagship store in Kitchener's Belmont Village or shopping online, they are tea lovers serving tea lovers, simply put.

Instagram: www.instagram/AllThingsTeaKW

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Rhymes with Orange

At Rhymes with Orange, Jacki is a mom of two young humans, a wild haired dog, and wife to an unbelievably supportive man. Her journey as a maker started as a way to find an easier way to pack litter-less lunches for both of her children who attend a platinum eco school! She started with reusable snack bags and beeswax wraps and soon had other mom’s asking if she could make them for their family’s as well.
She started to realize that sometimes going zero waste and plastic free can be overwhelming, but if you allow people to take one small step at a time, it is so much easier.
She has since added several more reusable and sustainable items to her product line and continues to work on new ideas all of the time.
She learned to sew as a means to help her own family reduce our waste. She continues to sew and create as a way to preserve the future for her children and yours.

Facebook: @rhymeswithorang3
Instagram: @rhymeswithorang3

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Sew Rustic

Sew Rustic is a home based business nestled in the heart of rural Waterloo Region, in the small town of New Dundee. We are a family owned and operated business, specializing in hand poured soy candles and giftware.

As the name says, "SEW" we began once upon a time with hand sewn items, which quickly turned into creating wooden decor & furniture restoration. In 2019 we launched the candle & giftware line that can now be found in over 40 shops Canada wide.

Our candles are made with an all natural soy wax with phthalate free fragrance oils. Hand poured in small batches to ensure accuracy and perfection.

Instagram: @sewrusticshop

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Full Circle Art

David Bowie once famously said “Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been”

And that’s the story of Deb Flynn and Full Circle Art. Deb started her art career as an illustrator, which turned into a 30 year graphic design/marketing journey. Her journey included everything from logo and package design, corporate graphic/branding guidelines to magazine layout. She’s now returned to sketching and water colour painting.

@debflynnart #debflynnart #fullcircleart2021

Reids Chocolate

In 1935, Raymond Gibney founded his first nut shop in Kitchener, Ontario. By 1955, there were Raymond’s Nut Shops all across Ontario, from Owen Sound to Hamilton and from Kitchener to Cornwall. Our store, originally located on Main St. as a Raymond’s Nut Shop was opened in 1948. By 1955, the store managers were allowed to purchase.
In 1960, Hugh and Isabelle Reid became the new owners on Main St. where they operated the store successfully for the next 11 years. In 1971, when the store moved to the south side of Main St., Tom and Kathy Drew-Smith purchased the business and Reids began to offer handmade chocolates and confections.Now owned and operated by brother and sister team, Ted Drew-Smith and Carrie Peart, Reids continues to move forward with the family tradition of great customer service and quality products.

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Angry Bees

Angry Bees, based out of Waterloo region, owned and operated by Grace and Emma.
These preteens started Angry Bees after their father got bees to pollinate their large vegetable garden. The girls sell all natural 4-ingredient-or-less lip balms, lotion bars, glycerin soaps, and if you're looking for a fun activity - kits to make your own lip balms and soaps at home!

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Thompson Soap Co

Thompson Soap Co is a luxury brand of artisanal, all natural, cold process soaps along with beautiful bath and body products. Using only the highest quality base oils, essential oils, natural clays and botanicals, our products are gentle on even the most sensitive skin.
We strive to bring eco-conscious luxury into your homes with our lovely reusable beeswax food wraps and beautiful artisan made Turkish Towels.
Each Thompson Soap bar is handmade and packaged with love by us in Waterloo, Ontario.

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Borealis Grille & Bar

Borealis Grille & Bar is a restaurant that serves the very best of locally crafted foods and beverages at everyday prices. We bring "The Taste of Ontario”, the highest quality of fresh products from Ontario farmers, breweries and wineries to our guests each and every day. Combined with a deep respect for local heritage and craftsmanship and an unwavering dedication for sustainability, Borealis represents the embodiment of our philosophy as it took form in the late sixties."
Bob Desautels, Founder The Neighbourhood Group of Companies Ltd.

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Esta Chocolates

Esta Chocolates is a family business, founded by Abraham (Abe) Hacioglu, a master European Chocolatier and a third generation member of a Chocolatier family. At 14, Abe used his knowledge of German, learned in school, to translate for German sales people who came to the factory to sell equipment. By the time he was an adult, he was working in the family business full-time and eventually rose to become the chief executive officer. Abe and Ebru combine experience, passion and inspiration to bring you the richest truffles at affordable prices. They start with the finest ingredients and then use state of the art equipment to create the finest European truffles in Canada. Esta Chocolates maintains the same high standards for service and reliability.

estachocolates (instagram)
Esta Chocolates (Facebook)

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Genuineo Coffee Co.

“Genuineo Coffee Co. is your one-stop shop for a wide variety of ethically sourced, affordable roasts & premium blends. Serving Waterloo, Wellington-- and beyond, we offer local delivery and shipping options to anywhere in Canada and the US. Whether it’s a flavoured blend, a staple morning roast, or a gift for your coffee lover, we’ve got you covered.
Genuineo is the belief and action of doing everything you do—genuinely. Having integrity, character, and strength in your daily life. We are firm believers that the best quality beans start with great customer service, a friendly attitude, and a transparent business model. We take pride in being Centre Wellington’s first e-commerce coffee shop!”

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Botanical Propaganda Bath & Body

Botanical Propaganda Bath & Body is a Canadian beauty, relaxation & wellness Company that makes uncomplicated yet luxurious natural products in small batches to ensure ultimate freshness! We also do our best to source locally to ensure quality and for Mother Earth's Sustainability.
The ingredients used in our products are pure but powerful. Our products feature the best skin-nourishing carrier oils, luxurious clays, scents and Essential Oils! All our products are vegan, cruelty free, free of parabens and phthalates.
Sustainability is paramount. We offer Shampoo Bars in an effort to #DitchTheBottle, and an all natural shave soap to ditch shaving cream cans. Our packaging is minimal and we are so happy that many of our loyal clientele reuse boxes for their "5 packs". We also offer a free bath bomb to those returning their 16 ounce glass Boston Globe jars (used for our Bath Salts, and Bubble Dust).

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Cocoon Apothecary

At Cocoon, we are all about transforming your authentic beauty into all it is capable of by harnessing the power of nature. We get how frustrating it can be to not even be able to pronounce half the ingredients in your beauty products, let alone know what they are. You can trust that we’re committed to using effective, organic, totally plant-based ingredients because we know that real & pure are better than complex & synthetic—especially when it comes to your skin.

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Wooden Boat

We are a small eclectic restaurant and ghost kitchen specializing in local, sustainable & high-quality Vietnamese-inspired cuisine, where whole pig and chicken butchery is the norm.
We are located on Kitchener's historic Iron Horse Trail where you can enjoy a delicious meal for dinner takeout, grab & go or on our up-cycled outdoor patio. Remember, before you hop back on your bike and hit the trail be sure to grab a scoop of Kawartha Dairy ice cream or our fresh fried mini doughnuts for the jog back home!
The Wooden Boat is a 99% saran wrap/aluminum foil & parchment free kitchen, where BYOC (Bring Your Own Container) is encouraged, biodegradable utensils and takeout containers are a must and sustainability is our mission.

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Laura Raes The Caramel Co

We were excited to launch Laura Raes The Caramel Co. in February 2020 with plans to participate in events and local markets, we were thrilled to have a chance to meet fellow caramel lovers.
When COVID tried to challenge us, we were ready for the fight, we quickly revised our business strategy to wholesale and welcomed several amazing retail partners across Canada into the Laura Raes family.

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Rootham Gourmet Preserves

For more than 35 years, Rootham has created small-batch, premium preserves from local ingredients. Find Rootham products at your local independent retail or order online

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Sugar + Flame

Creators of absolutely delicious marshmallows Sugar + Flame has been making gourmet marshmallows since 2020. These are no regular marshmallows they are loaded with yummy goodness like Oreo, Skor and Reese’s Pieces. They are handmade in small batches, and hand cut by a husband-and-wife team. Once you try our marshmallows you will never go back to store bought ones again. Perfect for roasting, melted in your favourite hot beverage, or our personal favourite way…right out of the bag!! Enjoy!!

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Goodvibes Juice Co.

We are a small juice pressery founded in 2015 operating out of Kitchener Waterloo Ontario. Our focus from day one has been helping people live more balanced lives by encouraging nutrition and exercise. Our natural products (healthy shots, cold-pressed juice and kombucha) provide a healthy, delicious and convenient way of getting nutrients and vitamins and allowing our customers to re-invest that energy exercising or spending with family and friends.
It became quite clear to us that our local customers valued and adored the SICK DAY product. Many customers come in weekly for their stock and swear by it. This got us thinking that we should take this product to a broader market...and here we are!
Instagram: @drinksickday

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Phlippens is not your ordinary condiment. Crafted and created in Kitchener, Ontario, Phlippens is proud to be a little different.
Each ingredient is locally sourced and all natural. It is even Phlippen gluten-free! Every garlic clove and piece of onion is gently hand-smoked with fruitwood, giving Phlippens its signature smoked flavour. A dip-able, spread-able & love-able sauce that can also be used as an ingredient or marinade! The Phlippen possibilities are endless.

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Barrie's Asparagus

Barrie's Asparagus & Country Market is nestled in the heart of Waterloo Region. We grow asparagus, rhubarb, sweet corn and pumpkins and offer a full line of innovative products containing our asparagus. We also take great pride in offering you the freshest possible local foods from neighbouring farms like ours. Come out to Barrie's Asparagus Farm and enjoy the harvest, from the field to table! We look forward to meeting you.

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Franny's Farmhouse

Franny’s Farmhouse is a small family business operating in Waterloo, Ontario. We sell our products at the St. Jacob’s Farmers Market and at festivals and events throughout the year, as well as at a select number of retail partners. All our products are free from gluten and MSG, and we have a number of vegan options.
Franny, my mother, was an inspirational cook and hostess at thousands of gatherings for family, friends and anyone needing a bit of comfort. In her memory, I created a line of easy to use mixes that anyone can use to make delicious meals for their own family and friends. Our business has been going strong for 12 years.
We offer a range of dip and seasoning mixes, from mild to hot, that can be used to make amazing burgers, pasta and more, or simply served with veggies or chips.

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Pine & Paper

Pine and Paper is a paper goods and gift business run out of our home studio in Waterloo! We turn our illustrations into products inspired by adventures and beautiful things.

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everything nice

At everything nice, we strive to provide you with tasty, tantalizing meal kits that range from the everyday to the exotic.
All of our products are handmade and feature only the finest ingredients. All recipes are vegan, low sodium, contain no MSG and many products are gluten free.
We are located in Milverton, Ontario and sell our products throughout the province at craft shows, markets and in select stores. You can also order directly through our online store which ships across Canada.
We would like to invite you to come and see why you deserve to have everything nice!
Instagram: @everythingnicesoup

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Megan Skelton

Megan Skelton is a local, urban sketch artist.
When covid began, she decided to start sharing her paintings on Instagram, in an effort to bring joy to people, promote local businesses during tough times, and to celebrate the wonderful community we all call home! While her paintings are for sale, her intention has always been to simply show people what’s out there in our region and to promote the beauty of life from the seat of a bicycle!
If you would like to enjoy the often whimsical paintings she post every few days, follow @meganpaintswaterloo on Instagram.

Backyard Honey Company

The Backyard Honey Company is owned by Jack Eva and Catherine Young. With a focus on keeping healthy bees, partnering with local Organic farmers and supporting people who are interested in becoming beekeepers. We started the Backyard Beekeeper Supply Company to provide a local source for equipment and information.
All our honey is unpasteurized, and delicious!! We have a wide range of products as honey and wax are an integral part of so many wonderful things from flavoured honeys to candles, lip balm, paw wax, and even decadent chocolate covered Honey Caramels. Catherine even self-published a book for young children titled Bee-ing. We are busy bees, and we like it that way!
Instagram: @backyardhoneycompany

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Martin's Family Fruit Farm

Martin’s Family Fruit Farm is located in Waterloo, Ontario. Martin’s orchard grew from a hundred trees in 1971 to more than half a million trees on over 700 acres today. Martin’s Crispy Apple Chips is the first snacking product from the Martin’s Family Farm. Taking apples grown in their orchards, the apples are sliced, dried to a crisp, and bagged as crisp apple chips in convenient snack sizes while retaining the goodness apples are known for.
Facebook and Instagram: @martinsapples

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The Chatty Monk

One-of-a-kind and limited quantity textile designs, custom embroidery and promotional swag – that’s the Chatty Monk. It’s all about making your mark!
Deen Mueller is the creative artist behind The Chatty Monk and has been working with textiles for more than 30 years. Designs range from fun and cheeky to practical and useful.
Crafted from The Chatty Monk studio in Waterloo, each design is a labour of love.
Facebook and Instagram @thecahttymonk

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Tullamore Lavender Co.

Tullamore Lavender Co. (TLC) is a small-scale lavender farm and lavender products company working to bring a little more TLC to the world. This means promoting self-care, caring for the land, and collectively caring for one another. TLC is run by Stephanie Craig and Steven Larmer with the help and support of family and friends. Our lavender farm (near Arthur, Ontario) is currently home to 2,000 lavender plants and is located within the Territory of the Anishinabek Nation, and within the Huron Tract (Treaty 29); the treaty lands and territory of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation. Although our farm is not currently open to the public, we're hoping to welcome you some day soon.
Instagram: @tullamore_lavender_co

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